Oldies but Goldies

Exceedingly deserving employees of wagner GmbH over decades:

Even after 50 years, your "Good morning!" still sounds honest, heartfelt and full of energy! For this, we have the highest respect and deep gratitude! We have compiled a small series about deserving employees.

Heinz Schopen
There are few colleagues who have worked very successfully in so many different areas and who continue to design assignments of all kinds today as foremen and site managers. In addition, he is the first employee with more than 50 years of service who still continues to work diligently full-time in top shape.

He started on 05.04.1971 in the countershaft construction department, a technically high-quality work that remained a very important field of activity for many years. Later, together with other colleagues, he started the complete overhaul of construction machinery of various manufacturers.

He became a completely independent service technician, initially focusing on Demag construction machinery, later becoming Mr. Hitachi for the crawler crane division, with assignments abroad not the exception but the rule. At any time he acquired new knowledge as a foreman and gained more and more experience in the design of large construction sites.

Today, he coordinates construction sites in many different industrial sectors, such as the tire and pharmaceutical industries, with a wide variety of partner companies and service providers. We are delighted that he is still fit as a fiddle and shows on a daily basis that he is far from being old-fashioned.

Vielen Dank für die tolle Zeit.

The wagner GmbH Team


Oldies but Goldies!
Exceedingly deserving employees of wagner GmbH over decades: Even after 50 years, your „Good morning!“ still sounds honest, heartfelt and full...

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