Objectives & Roles


  • Satisfied customers and a long-term business relationship
  • The highest quality, flexibility and adherence to deadlines in all areas
  • We want to invest continuously, learn new skills and train further to secure the jobs of our employees and support our customers to the highest possible standard/li>
  • You are important to us!


First, a few questions that outline our range of services:
  • Do you want to avoid unscheduled machine downtimes?
  • Would you like on-site machining to be an important part of your maintenance?
  • Is preventative maintenance important to you?
  • Would you like to optimise your existing systems and machines?
  • Are you looking for design support and documentation?
  • Do you operate machines and systems for which the manufacturer will only supply spare parts at inflated prices, if at all?
  • Do you want to outsource?
  • Are you looking for specialists in assembly and disassembly, repair and adjustment on site, including offshore?
  • Can you afford not to work with us? We also repair machines that you can’t even get to a workshop.
  • We see our role as helping you. Set us a challenge!

In choosing us, you are opting for the peace of mind of having a certified, highly ambitious and entirely trustworthy company at your side!


** 2022 - WindEnergy in Hamburg is over **
Around 30,000 visitors from 92 countries were counted. We were one of 1,400 international exhibitors. A great trade fair with a great...

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